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Understanding the Internet economy…

The Internet EconomyPeople are utterly confused as to how the Internet works, in terms of earning revenue.

Have you ever had an offer sent to you that says “get a free iPad”, or “click join underneath me so I can earn money” or “join this program and get paid by clicking stuff”?  Maybe you have even at one point in time sent off these emails to your unsuspecting friends, family and coworkers in attempt to coerce them into making you money….
Whatever the case, this IS NOT the Internet economy.  These are schemes and are very fractional components of the Internet and ones I personally do not like to be associated with or recommend.
Somehow over the years, people have grown to think that this is the path to earn money on the Internet, however, these are schemes that are driven in a similar way to those that Bernie Madoff constructed to fool people out of billions of dollars.
The Internet Economy is far from this…
It is the up and coming economy of the world, where the trading, the transactions, and usership, and the ability to set up your own business enterprise have become part of the scope.

So what is the Internet economy?

Every economy is comprised of a few components.  People.  Products and Services.  Money. Trade.
The Internet economy is no different.  It has all of these components and you can be within any of these, or a service that provides or contributes to any of these components and become quite successful.
Perhaps you are thinking that the Internet transactions are no where near that of the offline world.  Well, use that is true.  But it is still big and it is still growing.
The Internet economy is now worth trillions however.
Just think of a product or service that you may be involved with, perhaps it may even be your current method of employment.   It more than likely has an online division or an online component that is critical to its current success, if not, it will be instrumental to the sector growth of that niche.
Internet Has Reach EVERY Business
Even farming has become part of the Internet Economy
Every business that is offline can leverage the Internet.  Many do, a lot however STILL haven’t taken advantage of this.  Within this niche there is the potential for an Internet JOB.*
*I have decided that from now on I am not going to call anything on the Internet a job.  Although it could be classified as a job as you may or may not be doing work for another business or company, it is actually a business.  You determine your own success, and how much success you can achieve.  Because of this I am going to refer to it as “Internet Solution Opportunity” or ISO for short.
Most business can in fact bring a whole division of their business online.  Many haven’t and have died because of it.   Look at some of the biggest bookstores that have gone out of business, most recently Borders in the United States.
They were fools.  They had the upper hand…they had the framework, the partnerships, and the computer systems that just needed to be turned into a web store and a web application and there may be no today, the world’s largest book seller and the the offline bookstore killer.
Borders Going Out Of Business
But this also pisses some people off.  They think that Amazon is a job killer, when in fact they are a huge job creator. The technology behind their store has created an incredible amount of jobs.  Their current workforce is over 43,200 employees!
This is just the half of it though…
Their domestic and International shipping has created jobs.  And their store framework that any seller can plug into has been a hit and has made many local mom and pop shops far more successful.


And what about the Internet Solution Opportunities?

Hidden under the most obvious service that Amazon provides (a huge Internet store), is one of the greatest suppliers of online based opportunities.
First, they have the largest affiliate program in the world.   Amazon has over 2,500,000 affiliates actively promoting their program. As an affiliate of Amazon , you can promote any of the millions of products within their network without owning any of them, having to deal with the support or shipping…basically you just need a place to put their links and you can earn money.

You can join the Amazon Associates (Affiliate) Program Here

This has created UNLIMITED ISO’s. Almost EVERY single product that is for sale can be sold within Amazon and affiliates of Amazon generate over 40% of all Amazon sales.
Secondly they have a true job network, called Mechanical Turk.  For a small price you can outsource the tasks you don’t want to do, or for that same amount of money, you can earn money doing little tasks like “clicking”, “submitting forms”, “submitting links”, “writing”, or “proofreading”.
You can earn seed money for your starting your online business using Mechanical Turk or you can “scale” your existing business by outsourcing your arduous tasks for quite cheap.

Lets look at another offline business the Internet Economy has killed!

Remember going to the movie store to pick up a movie when you are bored on a Friday night?  What about now?  You are likely paying a small subscription fee and getting instant access to 10,000′s of movies from the comfort of your home.
Thus the departure of Blockbuster and the arrival of  Netflix now boasts massive earnings, and Blockbuster is well, out of business.  I am not going to elaborate on this in the same way as Amazon, but Netflix has also created a boat load of online based opportunities.  A number of these are online through the affiliate program, through their popularity of movies online, through online movie review sites and informational sites…etc.  I digress.
This is a sign that humanity is exercising the benefits of the Internet.  It is more instant, it is more affordable, it is more connected, it is more interesting, and anything can be accessed from pretty much anywhere.  I personally think it is incredible.
The fact that once “monopolized” industries are moving to Internet based economies where affiliates all have the opportunity to earn their share of the revenue is a critical component of the “business world” going forward.  There are millions of independent “affiliate marketers” in this world, many of them earning a full time income online.
There is an affiliate program for just about every single niche you can imagine, even some that you may not be able to even comprehend.  IT is here, it is the way of the future, and the Internet is a job manufacture that will continue to destroy large scale offline business and create millions of new opportunities and millions of new “Internet Solution Opportunities” for people like you and I.

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